Sopinka on the Trial of an Action, 4th ed. was recently published.

Ken McEwan K.C. has been the author of the last two editions of Sopinka on the Trial of an Action, building on the text first authored by Justice Sopinka, and then updated in the second edition by Melanie Sopinka, and Don Houston.  As described by the publisher, the text

“remains a go-to reference for best practices and strategies in the courtroom at the trial level. The book covers everything from the structure of the trial, trial preparation, presenting the case at trial and trials where the case goes to the jury. Also included is a plethora of useful and handy appendices ranging from sample opening statements, cross examination techniques, addresses and questions to the jury, to many more.”

The fourth edition contains a foreword by Guy Pratte (linked here) and a new preface by Ken (linked here).

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