Craig Dennis, K.C., Owen James and Eric Aitken succeeded for the plaintiff in obtaining a multi-million dollar damages award

The award related to a fraudulent investment scheme carried out by the defendants. The underlying litigation involved claims based in fraud, conversion and breach of trust. The award concluded litigation that saw the plaintiff obtain a worldwide Mareva Order to freeze the defendants’ assets at the outset of the litigation as well as obtain (by working alongside foreign counsel) an order recognizing and enforcing the order in Hong Kong. In the course of the proceeding Craig, Owen and Eric were also successful in obtaining orders that the defendants be held in contempt of court.

Craig Dennis,K.C., Owen James和Eric Aitken成功為委托人(案中原告)於有關欺詐性投資訴訟獲得數百萬賠償金。訴訟涉及基於欺詐,轉換和違反信任的索賠。該裁決讓原告在訴訟中獲得Mareva Order以凍結被告全球多區的資產,並通過與外國律師合作獲得香港高等法院確認和執行Mareva Order的法庭指令。在訴訟過程中, Craig, Owen和Eric也成功爭取被告藐視法院的法令。