Huang v. Li, 2020 BCSC 1727

David McEwan successfully defended a claim in deceit, fraudulent misrepresentation, conversion, and conspiracy.

The plaintiff was the defendant’s lawyer. David McEwan (with Brent Olthuis) acted for the defendant. Over a period of six months in 2016, the plaintiff became infatuated with the defendant, who rebuffed his advances. After being fired by the defendant (and her company) the plaintiff sought return of significant sums of money, gifts, and other items that he had given the defendant in 2016. The Supreme Court of British Columbia held that the plaintiff had not been deceived, and that the defendant had made no misrepresentations to him. The Court also found that the plaintiff had breached his fiduciary duty, as counsel, by failing to account for monies held in trust for the defendant.  Read Reasons for Judgment here.