McEwan Partners’ senior counsel have the knowledge and experience to act as effective mediators in a range of corporate and commercial matters.

Ken McEwan, K.C. has a particularly extensive practice as a mediator, including with respect to real estate, contracts, and environmental matters.

Ken’s broad legal experience, incisive analysis, and practical approach helps parties and their counsel cut through months or even years of polarizing disagreement to find fair, and cost-effective, resolutions.

As counsel, all McEwan Partners lawyers work closely with clients from the outset not only to understand the facts of a dispute and the legal issues arising, but to understand the personalities involved, and the history between parties, helping us tailor strategies to bring the dispute to a close. We consider the full range of options available, including informal negotiation, mediation, med-arb, or some combination of these. In some cases, we hive off discrete issues for resolution while proceeding with others in court, while in others we push for global resolutions.

Our approach to dispute resolution is client-driven, practical, and broadly-focussed. We do not just look for quick fixes but also consider when a dispute will be most ripe for resolution and how to best maximize our clients’ interests at any given time. We see dispute resolution as part of business and strive to achieve results that protect ongoing business relationships wherever possible.

McEwan Partners lawyers have experience with mediation and other forms of dispute resolution in all aspects of their practices. We are familiar with a range of mediators across a variety of subject matters disciplines and can confidently advise clients on the strengths and weaknesses of individual adjudicators and their fit for a specific dispute.