Increasingly, parties are turning to private arbitration as an alternative to courtroom litigation, seeking out the cost- and time-saving benefits that arbitration promises, or the privacy of resolving conflict outside of the public sphere.

But arbitration has its own unique challenges and strategic considerations. Parties faced with the prospect of arbitration frequently question what their options are, whether arbitration is the best route, and how to go about it.

McEwan Partners lawyers are highly experienced in arbitration matters. Ken McEwan, K.C. maintains an active practice as an arbitrator and is the co-author of Commercial Arbitration in Canada: A Guide to Domestic and International Arbitrations, a leading text cited in judgments across Canada. He is also a contributor to A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial Arbitration. Ken has extensive experience both as a sole arbitrator and as a member of a panel, on a wide range of commercial matters. He is frequently sought after by parties and their counsel who rely on both his procedural expertise and his breadth of knowledge in corporate and commercial legal matters.

Also on our team of arbitrators is George Macintosh, K.C. Recently retired as a judge and now serving as counsel at McEwan Partners, George appeared before tribunals outside Canada’s jurisdiction, including the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, as well as sitting as an arbitration chair in a wide variety of disputes.

Acting as both a neutral and as counsel gives Ken and George valuable insight and a perspective that all McEwan Partners lawyers draw on in their approach to arbitration matters. Our team has the experience needed to help guide clients through the arbitration process, from choosing whether to arbitrate, choosing a forum or set of rules, selecting an arbitrator, and selecting procedures that will maximize the benefits of the process.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced with a variety of rules, in domestic and international forums, and across a range of subject matters areas including contract disputes, intellectual property, real estate, resource extraction, environmental, and international trade disputes. McEwan Partners’ depth of understanding helps clients strategize, execute, and navigate the arbitration process with confidence.